About Nikidom

Since 1998, Nikidom has been manufacturing, importing and distributing the most innovative childcare items and early childhood toys in Spain and Portugal.

Our catalog includes a wide variety of products from different categories: Food, Bath, Hygiene, Outings, Security, Toys, and much more.

On the manufacturing side, we have been developing our own products since 2012, and are further expanding our childcare and back-to-school lines.

Barcelona is a well-known design powerhouse, and we are lucky enough to be able to tap into highly creative local designers in cooperation with our skilled corporate team, to develop ingenious and practical items to help our clients a little more in caring for their children. Some examples: the Ultracompact Flat Pack high chair; NIK+DOM premium diaper bags; the ROLLER brand of school trolleys and backpacks, and much more.

All our products are developed with high standards of quality and strenuous testing thanks to the strategic partnerships we have developed with several factories, and what’s more, we make sure to intensively try out our products with the end users to make sure they will enjoy a high level of acceptance.  Today, Nikidom is present in over 15 countries and expanding fast.